Creating a safe, intuitive and beautiful communication device for young children to stay in touch with their parents replacing the smart phone.

Branding, UI/UX, Product Dev

Research and Information User Research

of kids aged 6-9 own Mobile Phones
of kids aged 10-14 own Mobile Phones
Factors that are driving greater cellphone adoption
  • Working Parents
  • Rising Crime rate
  • Rising Income
  • Increased Travel
  • Social Media
  • Peer Pressure

As a team we asked ourselves the question how do we keep our children safe with increase in crime, sexual abuse and kidnapping. Worried parents see a solution by giving their child a smartphone, which carries its own problems such as addiction, cyber bullying and others.

We want to keep the child connected to the parent. We gathered information on what the parents want and who our users are via user surveys.

Our Solution

Apart from being simple and intuitive to use, focused on safety and communication,

Parents, we found from surveys desire a device that would allow them to

Communicate with their

Know the whereabouts of their children

Change/Add Aspects that add to the usability

Concepts and Ideation

We started off by brainstroming on how our users - children would use, what features they would require and why. What their parents would want assuming different situations where the both parents are working, when one of them is working, taking into account their lifestyles.

We also compared existing and similar solutions and designs, taking away the core ideas such as shape, color, size, texture among others, which we would want to incorporate into our product.

We wanted a brand that would appeal to both the children as well as their parents. A connection between us and the user, similar to the connection we are trying to achieve with our product. Slightly playful, while being meaningful and aesthetically recognizable.
Hardware design

A functionally active as well as easy to understand and use that even a toddler could do it. Incorporated a dot matrix screen to display the first letter of the contact and other infomations as well as acting as an emergency button on long press.

Voice Calling
Kids can call and receive
calls from pre-approved contacts.

Strongly built, water resistant,
a week of battery backup.
With built in GPS, Weebo can
be tracked anywhere on Earth.

Brillant round dot matrix display
as soft selection button

To start out we needed a simple website that would put the point across to our main demographic. The UI had to be simple and rewarding, inviting the user to explore and learn more about our product.

The homepage would not only be showcasing our product but is also a hub where the user can login to his dashboard to access the features of our offering.

The dashbpard would offer the user the options to track where the device is and also see where it has been, add or remove contacts, see the battery and connectivity of the device as well as being able to view multiple devices in the case of parents who have multiple children.

Mobile Application
In addition to the website and the dashboard, the user will habe the ability to track, change settings and contacts as well as call through the mobile app developed for Weebo.


The UX for the app has been done in a way to show familiarity, following common practises and UI, starting with the login screen. Ensuring safety and security to the data and the whereabouts of your child, which only you can see.

A concise and easy to use UI would be the key to keeping an eye on your little ones, and so we've simplified all the UI to construct a strikingly simple UI with great user experience.

Everything at a glance

Having all the core functionality of the application front and center allows for quick decisions, while the map with the location allows for constant tracking.

Keeping the child secure and always connected with his/her parents is of paramount importance, and we have designed the service with that principle at the core.


After months of development and testing, we pitched the idea to investors, with great initial sucess among many VCs, but ultimatly lost out to other products. At the end of the day we believe we proposed a complelling and innovative solution to an emerging problem.

Would like to extend a thanks to each of the team members who have worked on weebo to bring it to this stage. Thanks guys, It was really fun working with you.

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