Hi. I'm Aravind Prasad
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Co-Founder & Manager of
150 student strong makerspace, where creativity drives innovation.
Product Designer at
A non-profit helping to prevent opioid overdose deaths by combating stigma.
I'm Aravind, a digital product designer, based out of Chennai, India happily designing for the past 5 years. A manager at Creation labs helping teams design / build technology solutions.

Having no formal design education, everything I know has been through years of learning from failures and trials, applying myself on many diverse and distinct projects. Though primarily focusing on UI/UX design, I did learn valuable skills gained experience on frontend and backend dev, branding, strategy, Product development and design, Industrial design, Healthcare solutions among others. I believe this diversity in experiences gives me an unique edge when working on complex interdisciplinary projects.

The journey so far has taught me that the right design is always difficult, and the best solution is the simplest. Important work is the result of passion, curiosity, perseverance, open-mindedness, skill and the gumption to keep learning.

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User Interface Design
Interaction & User Experience Design
HTML/CSS - Web Design
Product Design / Development
Projects & Team Management

Featured Work

Creating new connections between parents and children.
Creating a safe, intuitive and beautiful communication device for young children to stay in touch with their parents replacing the smart phone.

An idea of what I've done
A collection of my work, including a in-depth look at designing the User Interface and User Experience for an application.

Giving an identity
Branding and strategy plays an important when designing a product. Here are a few brands I've designed.
Some of the nice things people say about me

"I have worked with Aravind over the past 2 years - on both design projects and event management for India's largest healthcare hacking community, Jugaadathon. Aravind has created excellent designs for marketing collateral, in-event branding and mobile apps. He is a enthusiastic, committed and skillful designer, with maturity beyond his years."
Soura Bhattacharyya

CEO, Lattice Innovations

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Aravind Prasad / User Experience Designer
Chennai, India - 5 years of experience in crafting experiences on Mobile, Web and Print media.